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Your precious life moments deserve more than cell phone pics.

A "stop settling for.... it's time to..." statement right here that makes your visitor go "OMG, yes! That's exactly what I need!"



Timeless, sophisticated photography that tells your story

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The Photographer

Meet Jasmine

Meet Jasmine!

Photographer and editor of everything shared here!

I have always been the class clown, and not just in school, but in life! I have always loved making people laugh and making them feel good about themselves. When I'm not out taking photos of people, I'm spending time with my babies and my family. I love the mountains and know them pretty well, so let's explore!

After my daughter was born, I lost someone who was like a brother to me. It really opened up my eyes to the importance of photos, and making sure that every special time in your life is captured. That being said, it can be really hard to do that your self when you are also trying to be present in that special moment. That's why I am here!


Found on Rocky Mountain Bride as a featured Vendor, as well as featured many times on their blog and magazine, I specialize in Weddings/Engagements, Elopements, and Portraits! Have something BIG coming up? Let's talk about how I can help you get beautiful photos that you will have for a lifetime. I'm a self taught photographer who's obsessed with natural lighting and a sucker for a dramatic sunset. I'm not the type of photographer that will pose you to where you look and feel uncomfortable, but will make you feel and look in your element as I carry on a conversation with you, ask you questions and make you laugh! I promise you that you will feel 100% comfortable in front of the camera as long as I am behind it. I take the time to edit each photo that I take by hand, all while still getting you your photos in a timely manner. 

"To start, I was 30 weeks pregnant, not feeling great about myself but knew I wanted maternity pictures, I looked and looked for a photographer and stumbled upon Jasmine, and I said why not let’s see how it goes. Jasmine drove all the way to my cabin which is an hour away, without charging me a cent. She showed me all the poses that she knew would be flattering for me. I even did some pictures In our pond and she captured them perfectly. My dad was running around all excited telling her these amazing places to take the pictures and she didn’t blind an eye and went with the flow. I was expecting to get my photos back in a couple months, and the NEXT DAY they were on facebook. Tears were brought to my eyes because for the first time during my pregnancy I felt beautiful. These pictures were stunning. Then fast foward to me giving birth, I wasn’t feeling all so great about myself again and didn’t know about getting the pictures done, and then with a week advance I told her I wanted them, she showed up at our house and took them with no questions asked. And then I got married and I’ll tell you what, the pictures that were taken were something I only dreamed about, and couldn’t believe it was me in the images. Jasmine isn’t like any other photographer I’ve met, she’s kind hearted, she does with the flow, she listens and damn is she fast with getting you your photographs back. If you are even thinking about booking her, do it. You WONT regret it." 

- Sara Jackson

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