Romantic Proposal in Estes Park, Colorado: Harrison & Britainy

Last year our Air National Guard units deployed together. During that time, we worked 12 hour shifts 6 days a week and on our off time we had enough time to eat, sleep and workout. We met about halfway through the deployment when I was the crew chief helping her do some hydraulic work on a C-130 (we were both maintainers). She complimented my eyes & haircut. We didn’t really think anything about it. We started to spend more time together in between work in the main area where we took breaks. It was inevitable that there was an attraction and we instantly became friends. We were both conflicted because we were both recently out of relationships and I was very shy and cautious. My friend and coworker convinced her to give me her number because he didn’t think I’d make a move. But I thought it was a prank from someone I worked with so I hesitated for a small while. I prayed for a week about it because it was a very hard situation and I didn’t just wanted a seeming-less relationship. I was looking for my wife and have been praying for one since I can remember. We lived 26 hours away from each other and knew each other for a short while. She also had worries and fears for the same reason. After we spent more and more days together we realized God’s hand put us together. We weren’t supposed to be on the same shift let alone she wasn’t even supposed to be on the deployment for the same amount of time as me but it all lined up perfectly for us to meet. We both had peace about the situation and had been praying for a spouse separately. We were such a good fit it wouldn’t make sense otherwise. We spent the next 75 days in a row together walking to and from work, eating together, working out, practically inseparable. People didn’t think we would last because of the distance but we tried anyways hoping for the best. When we both left she came to visit for about a month and loved it. She got a job at the Air Guard base out here in Wyoming with me and found out while visiting. She applied for a few dozen jobs around the U.S and Wyoming was the only place to give her an interview and she crushed it. After a short trip to Germany with her unit, she took a leap of faith and moved across the country to be with me. From there on we started living together and honestly just being best friends. She made the majority of moves and even said she loved me first. I didn’t say it back right away because I wanted to make sure I truly loved her. A few weeks after I told her I loved her and the rest is history. We’ve been best friends since the day we met.