How To Plan An Elopement or Wedding In The Midst Of A Global Pandemic

Updated: Nov 9

Engaged during COVID-19? Struggling with what direction to go as far as having a wedding? Many couples are stressing so bad right now with the decision of having the big wedding that they have always wanted, or not having one at all.

So many couples are turning to elopements. What is an elopement?! In my opinion, and in my experience in the wedding industry, so many couples think that Eloping is just a quick 2 hr photo session where the bride and groom dress up in wedding attire, But an Elopement really is SO much more. It is STILL your wedding day, and a day that you will celebrate each year for the rest of your lives. Lots of elopements can happen ANYWHERE. And although an elopement is definitely more personable, and focused on JUST the couple on their wedding day, it doesn't have to only be the couple present. A lot of elopements are simply just a full day, focused on the couple and the couple only. Intimate, Romantic, but not just a quick photo-op. A day that you will remember for the rest of your lives, a day focused on you love! Don't let the stresses of this hard time keep you from having the day you have always dreamt about. LOVE isn't cancelled!

Imagine, a day that is still dedicated to marrying your best friend, where ever you want, however you want. Whether it be on a mountain top, in the city, a back yard. Whatever you want! Get dressed up, do a first look, go on an adventure, and when you find the right place that day just stop, exchange vows and get marrieds! After that, go east your favorite food, or roast marshmallows and celebrate your love. Couples everywhere are turning to more intimate weddings/elopements.

Weddings as well as elopements are my passion. Capturing such an important day in a couples lives is what I live and breathe. I love helping couples with any questions they may have when planning their perfect day.

Feel free to reach out with any questions!!!